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Timberlake is a small-in-size, big-in-heart community. With a population of over eight hundred, the village and its residents are a hidden treasure in Northeast Ohio.

Every person who comes through says, “Oh, Timberlake is so beautiful!” “Timber” and “Lake” says it all. Our streets are lined with a spectacular canopy of multi-trunk Silver Maple Trees offering cooler temperatures and shade in the Summer. Timberlake is located on the North Coast of our country in Lake County, Ohio, United States…on one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world, Lake Erie!

It’s easy to travel to and from Timberlake with convenient access to major Routes and Freeways….and only about twenty minutes from both Cleveland and the county seat in Painesville, Ohio. The village is located on two main routes, on Lakeshore Boulevard at the North end of State Route 91. Timberlake is nearly completely surrounded by Eastlake, with one entrance to the village coming through Lakeline, and the remaining portion bordering beautiful Lake Erie.

Timberlake’s location offers easy access to arts and culture, world-class medical facilities, parks and recreation, professional sports, and entertainment. And Timberlake’s cost-of-living is very affordable and its educational options are excellent.

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