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Incorporated as a Village in 1954, Willoughby Hills became a city in 1970 and the 2013 U.S. census reported our population at 9,450. Despite its growth, it is still considered one of the most picturesque communities in Northeastern Ohio, maintaining a delicate balance between country and city.  Our motto “Where the City Meets the Country” means we strive to preserve our “rural atmosphere” while still meeting the needs of a growing suburban community.

Willoughby Hills encompasses  nearly  eleven  square  miles, through which the Chagrin River has carved a scenic valley  to  the east.  The land through  that valley is  a  flood  plain, a  precious natural resource that houses a variety  of  vegetation and wildlife.  As a result, our city uniquely hosts three separate parkland  agencies  within its borders  in addition  our  own city parks.


We are particularly proud of our “Residents First” program which is based upon our commitment to promptly address the concerns of our citizens.  We work to provide excellent services and information for our residents and we welcome your questions and concerns.  If called upon, we will make your service request our “top priority.”

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