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Buyer 1

Looking for a house between $240,000 and $325,000 within 30 minutes of Gilmour Academy. Single Family looking for a 4 bedroom contemporary style home. Areas of interest: Bainbridge, Chardon, Chesterland, Gates Mills, Highland Heights, Kirtland, Kirtland Heights, Mayfield Village, Munson, Novelty, Orange, South Russell, Russell, Willoughby, Willoughby Hills. 


Buyer 4

Condo or well-maintained home anywhere between $100,000 and $250,000 in the areas of Beachwood, Heighland Heights, Lyndhurst, Mayfield Heights, Mayfield Village, Novelty, Russell, South Euclid and University Heights. 


Buyer 7

Homes in Chagrin Falls area. Would love walking distance to the falls. anywhere from $350,000 to $675,000 with a master bedroom on the first floor.


Buyer 2

Looking in Hudson for a property between $600,000 and $1,000,000. a little on the modern side, but mostly updated with tons of character and charm. 


Buyer 5

Looking for a Ranch or Cape Cod. Master on the 1st floor. Between $200,000 and $375,000 throughout Geauga County. preferably the West G school district, but will not rule out any other part of Geauga.


Buyer 8

$75,000 to $140,000. Auburn, Aurora, Bainbridge, Chagrin Falls, Chesterland, Lyndhurst, Solon, Mayfield Heights, Mayfield Village.


Buyer 3

Ranches, ranches and ranches! Geauga County.


Buyer 6

$75,000 up to $150,000. Highland Heights, Lyndhurst, Mayfield Village, Mayfield Heights. either a condo that allows dogs or a well maintained home that was lovingly taken care of but could use some cosmetic work. 


Buyer 9

Between $250,000 and $400,000. home between West G schools and the Manor school district. As long as the house is solid they will do cosmetic work and updating.

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